Polo shirt matchs pants

Men polo shirt is formal or informal dress on a classic essential. Whether you want to wear out of business occasions or casual occasions, polo shirts outlet can be a good match any random access. polo shirt wild that it does not have a clear division of roles, and this is beneficial for the performance of people, to make people wear clothing wild style. For women, casual polo shirt with a sharp-eyed them are unique!

For men, wearing polo shirts have a division of roles: Business men want to wear, polo shirt with pants do what starched trousers course with the best of the (white polo shirt with black or khaki pants are? very gentlemanly men);cheap polo shirts If you want to appear in casual occasions, a pair of jeans with the most unique. For women polo shirt with pants, dresses, skirts can be strategizing! Then the female stars wearing the polo shirt is how to match it?

Star One, Miranda children: build first-class supermodel Miranda child angel in white shirt with Slim jeans, polo Ralph Lauren not only presents the perfect body to the extreme, but also revealed a trace of casual and chic. And ankle boots collocation also is in place. Overall shape easy, simple atmosphere.
Star two, Alexa Chung: The most basic models of the white shirt, the collar and cuffs add only a thin little lace decorated the IT GIRL Airy Shan Zhong fresh off a very refined.
Three star Victoria Beckham: tight white polo shirt intensify body pencil skirt, the line is still Beckhams meticulous route. Powerful gas field is also unrivaled.

Teach you how to identify polo shirt

Western lining Shan Mei received emphasis and varied . The closing ceremony before the turn by closing ” the fat ” type debate black ,Polo shirt on sale  round and closed ridge , in the closing round , short tip income, the tip income, less tip income received polyester and fight the fat tail and its amount depends on the amount of income lining material amount
War less work processes to very narrow no wrinkles, no roll angle is better. Used as lining materials have received a variety of pulp cloth Ralph Lauren polo lining, lift the membrane lining, lining stick open warfare Chajiao tablets , one to stick with a single layer lining the narrow opening quite Gang revenues for the top grade
, Time for the resin lining membrane lining flip angle reduction .
Body battle sleeve head Cheap Ralph Lauren by Category
Shan Mei lining format , except closing formula, clothing and body straight waist , straight waist , varus placket , placket in turn , round the hem , hem round battle with back pleats pleated polyester and fight back without sleeves have little sleeves, short sleeves, single sleeve head.

Polo Shirt how stacked? How good wash the shirt?

Shirt how stacked ?
If it is determined the placement , can be based on the size of the location , to determine the size of the mount , overlapping rotation polo shirts outlet when the collar into the liner material can be placed staggered two-piece shirt , consistent thickness, the collection of it will increase.
Fasten the first , the second button . Will rotate back up , hold down collar, buttoned at his breast tidy .
Deshirring fold back and the sleeve , after rotation in the middle of the bottom of the collar made ​​of thick paper backing .
According to the width of the mount , the clothes folded back , according to the width of the folded sleeves folded . Make about the same .
First a little folded hem , fold depending on the length of the mount . Remove the backing paper , put filler in the neckline on it.
How good wash the shirt , how to wash a shirt collar
High cotton shirt is the middle and upper classes of the most common clothing . Senior excellent sense of skin-friendly cotton fabric , texture and noble, especially in the maintenance of top ten brand shirts should pay more attention to , so you know how maintenance and washing the shirt Cheats .
First, wash decontamination
The hardest part is cleaning the shirt collar and shirt sleeves , appeared on the market a variety of collar net , tie the net, spray, wipe , brush , paint and so makes it easy to wash the shirt , to note that the shirt must not wear to wash dirty , but because of the wear on the washing up to 1-2 days. If dirty , one affecting the image ,cheap polo shirts two colors are difficult to wash back up . Ordinary shirt collar lining material is resin cloth most senior shirt will fit better performance using cotton lining, more difficult to blistering. But in order to keep the neckline cuffs and longer life , shirts are not wring wring wring , rub , so when machine washable generally slightly softer approach should be used . Note: Do not put heavy clothing such as shirts and jeans into the washing machine together , but :
1 best hand wash the shirt , it is to ask for help washing machine , put it in the laundry bag is a better way ;
(2) Ordinary Cotton shirt dehydration time not too long , senior cotton shirt is best not to dehydration, squeeze gently rubbing or without squeezing it hang to dry after rubbing ;
3 cotton shirt after ironing dry slightly better look , do not fold , linked directly into the closet ;
4 Add fabric softener when washing , can feel better the next wearing a shirt . In addition, wearing a shirt stained with the stain can be soaked polo Ralph Lauren with cold wash fine , do not use a brush dipped in powder detergent scrub , this will undermine textured clothes . Special grease stains can be difficult to wash carefully using a small amount of white drift like drops of strong decontamination detergent , rinse immediately visually after oil decomposition. Do not use the dryer when the temperature is set too high , should be less than five minutes .

Simple white shirt and classic Polo Shirts

The school uniform-style shirt is pure College Wind essential single product, no excessive detail embellishment, simple cut can revel Polo shirt on sale in personal taste. Pure feelings campus is not also let you miss endless?

Shirt or a type or color, with a different single product can reflect a strong female or feminine traits, with the color of the belt has a sense of style with levels of leaving

Almost be said on behalf of the Institute of wind Polo shirt because adding fashionable elements and more vivid and exciting. Not identical with the pure sports style is more exciting season of Polo Shirts and stylish, with a large thermal Cheap Ralph Lauren cycling shorts or pants only cool but also reflect the hot trend.

Refreshing extremely simple striped Polo shirt, with the occasional accessories, neat watch, Ralph Lauren polo personality or plastic tie rings, to revisit the campus time!

A variety of fabrics sewing shirt product portfolio

With the development of high-grade shirt fabrics deepening increasingly diverse fabrics of different specifications, some of the polo shirts outlet new multi-functional shirt products, but also to adapt to the different needs of consumers choose different functions fabrics production. For example, different parts of a shirt collar, sleeves, and back predecessor, can choose different fabrics produced according to requirements. As part of the shirt collar and cuffs easily dirty, wash too much trouble, so you can choose after finishing stain and oil repellent fabric production; at high heat environment, the back part of the cheap polo shirts was soaked with sweat easily, so you can use with good wicking fabric making shirts feature back, and better meet the requirements of consumers.

My suggestion is tall and fat boys must avoid tight Slim style, while a short skinny guy but need to pick tight, to make themselves look spirit. In addition, I usually pick a shirt when comparing to help men have a tendency to choose polo Ralph Lauren cufflinks, because I think most crowning touch is that the shirt cuff links, it is to highlight the most important man-grade window. And with respect, in addition to conventional suit, I think the selection of a sweater as outside the ride will be more accessible.

Light, thin, soft, cool, pretty, good air permeability polo shirt 2013

Men wardrobe is always indispensable necessarily shirt. The shirt with a man, like a whole interdependent. A man by the shirt to dress up and bring his temperament and disposition, and the shirt by men to reflect and Polo shirt on sale demonstrate its decent and elegant.Many women have been very much like to see a man wearing a shirt with a tie, taste, calm, generous, although somewhat solemn orthodox, but you can figure out where this man’s character and preferences.

Shirt material has always been to light, thin, soft , cool, pretty , good air permeability than the ideal , can be divided into a variety of commonly used fabrics. In recent years more and more creative and more high-tech fabrics are also integrated into the came , so good to wear the shirt to become more practical .

Ironing a shirt popular in recent years, the rise of free working people of all ages, it ‘s practical to allow workers to save a lot of time . And this is called ” ultra-high -density cotton shirting 300S ” , anti-crease shirt made ​​after liquid Cheap Ralph Lauren ammonia treatment , feel very soft and comfortable, with a silk cloth -like luster , the industry as shirt fabric Need.

In recent years, the development trend of shirt fabric innovation is the development of a variety of fiber composite materials fabrics Because each fiber material has its strengths , but also has some disadvantages, through a multi -component fibers blended or interwoven , enabling each other, thereby greatly improve the added value of the shirt fabric . In recent years, for example, the introduction of high-count cotton Ralph Lauren polo cashmere blend permanent press fabrics , cotton non-iron chitin fibers blended fabrics, cotton silk interwoven permanent press fabrics , cotton, iron antibacterial bamboo fabric, cotton fabric iron pearl fiber skin care , and so on.

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Choose your favorite style polo shirts 2013

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Super light and warm polo shirts for you

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